Why should we avoid cosmetic or natural perfumes in skincare products

Why should we avoid cosmetic or natural perfumes in skincare products

Scented face creams have several major drawbacks that you should be aware of.

The most notable drawback is that perfumes, whether natural or artificial, are the main allergens. This means that when applying them, there is a greater chance that our skin will become irritated, sensitized and have allergic reactions. But do not think that this should only be taken into account by the most reactive or sensitive skin, but that it can affect all skin types.

Face creams that do not have perfume are a trend because they minimize the chances of having allergenic components. You may think that since your skin doesn't show signs of irritation from using scented products, it's okay to keep using them. However, even if the skin does not show signs of irritation, it can still be affected, and various problems can manifest later.

What else happens to the skin when you apply products with cosmetic perfumes?

Due to the alcohol content and other chemical substances that they usually contain, the use of cosmetic perfumes dries out the skin and weakens the skin barrier, leaving it more exposed to oxidative stress, free radicals and pollution.

If you have oily skin, you should take into account that a scented face cream usually includes alcohol (to dissolve the perfume), this can attack the skin and it can respond by increasing oil production.

Something also very important that almost no one seems to realize is that a fragrance in a moisturizer could limit our good choice when buying a product, based on its ingredients, putting the "how delicious it smells" above the properties and benefits of this. And if our cream has a fragrance and then we perfume ourselves, it is possible that all the odors are mixed and that we do not like the result of it or that it would be “too much”.

In summary: the perfume of a cosmetic does not contribute much and yet it can have many drawbacks.

Why does Aviori sell fragrance-free moisturizers?

Aviori aims to take care of your skin and therefore avoids all the inconveniences that perfumed products can cause. We eliminate allergies and intolerances to the maximum. The non-use of perfumes allows the most sensitive skin to use our products more safely.

If you have sensitive skin, use an unscented facial moisturizer for your face and if you have normal skin, you should also use a fragrance-free moisturizer to prevent future allergies.

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