What is a Primer?

What is a Primer?

A Primer is a liquid, lotion or cream that is applied before any other face makeup. The purpose for primer is to prepare the skin, no matter the skin tone. Makeup primers do a variety of things depending on the formula. They can allow the foundation to go on smoother, help makeup to the end of the day, provide a more flawless finish.

Makeup primers are used underneath eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, mascara, and even nail polish to create a smooth base that helps keep your other products in place all day.

Primers can also reduce the amount of makeup you use and make application a little easier. Essentially, they are meant to create a barrier between the product and your skin, giving you beautiful and long-lasting results. Since there are specific options for different parts of our beauty routine.

Primer can be used to enhance many parts of your beauty routine, including your face and lips. Face primer, for example, can be used to smooth out pores, create a base for long-lasting makeup, manage oily skin, or prevent excessive shine. 

 Primer should also be used as a mandatory product when you are going have done on you or do by yourself a nighttime makeup, why? When you do nighttime make up, you tend to use more products than morning make up, so it is necessary to have a barrier form any irritant product and your makeup with last more!

 A moisturizer with Aloe Vera could be used as a Primer since Aloe Vera minimize the appearance of pores and shine on the face. It also moisturizes your skin without making it look oily.

 Blue Light Defense Crème by Aviori has Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice as one of its main ingredients and creates a barrier between any type of product and your skin and it comes with other benefits like being a moisturizer and a blue light protector as you already know!


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