Vitamin E

Does vitamin E work on hyperpigmentation?

 Vitamin E is a supplement rich in antioxidants which help to neutralize the free radicals that affect your skin. Vitamin E is used to condition environmentally- exposed skin, help to keep the surface as intact as possible, as well as helping with sunspots.
What is vitamin E best for?
The National Institute of Health has documented the effectiveness of using vitamin E. There are eight types or forms of vitamin E, and the two most common are tocopheryl acetate and tocopherol, both of which are in many skincare products.
Using vitamin E to treat sun spots, age spots, post acne dark spots, and hyperpigmentation have been very common lately.
Also there are many ways to use vitamin E to help treat your sunspots, internally and externally. The recommended dose to take is 400 I.U. in the morning, as well as in the evening. You can also puncture the capsule and use the oil directly on the spots. Wheat germ is the most natural form of vitamin E, though the capsules are more common to use.
A diet that is rich in vitamin E is beneficial, as well as adding vitamin C to your daily oral dosage and using a cream that has vitamin E can help you prevent and reduce hyperpigmentation.
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